Death Metal / Thrash / Black Metal
Bonn, Germany

A.w.a.s. means death-metal, infected by some thrash- and blackmetal parasites. Double bassdrum, brutal guitars, hard bass, and smashing growls and screams. Mixed with untypical lyrics. The band. was founded in 1999 as 'Torment'. After rehearsing and a first gig, Ruben Wedel left and Martin Epp stepped in behind the drums. But then a.w.a.s. had a break for about one year. But the war got started again in 2001.

The first "real" show was played in Aarau (Swizerland) as support to Sacrificium. After that a.w.a.s. decided to record their first offical demo "Time to Choose", which was released in January 2003. During 2003 - 2005 they had two of their songs released on the German "Deathophobia" sampler. During that time they underwent other lineup changes. The next step was to record their debut album "Hope". "Hope", was independtly released in early 2006. In a short time Open Grave Records took interest in the band and signed them on to give "Hope" a proper world wide release. "Hope", will be released via Open Grave Records on February 27th, 2007.

Martin: drums
Konni: guitar
Eddy: bass
Viktor: vocals

Hope - (re-release Open Grave Records) - 27.Feb.07
Hope - (full length album) - July 2006
Deathophobia IX - (sampler) - 2005
Deathophobia VIII - (sampler) - 2004
Time to choose - (demo) - Jan 2003

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