Below Fi
Religious / Flamenco
United Kingdom

UpsideDownsideGemini is the debut release from Below-Fi. Below-Fi is the solo project of writer/producer Ken Rose. Ken has worked with many established artists over the last few years. Some recent projects include collaborations with Helen Boulding on her Youth produced debut New Red Dress, co-writing with Teitur, playing guitar with Marianne Faithfull on her current Songs Of Innocence & Experience world tour, a new record co-written with and produced for Betty Steeles to be released this fall, and 5 songs on French superstar Roch Voisine’s self titled platinum record.

UpsideDownsideGemini was recorded on a laptop between Europe and America in hotel rooms and makeshift studios. While the record was made on a computer, it is totally homemade and organic. All the sounds were created from analog sources and all of the performances were recorded live. UpsideDownsideGemini was written and recorded over a three week period. Ken played most of the instruments but was fortunate to have some help from a few gifted friends. UDG is a labor of love and will be released as a hardcopy cd this summer. Album and single downloads are currently available on I-tunes, Amazon, and emusic.

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