Acoustic / Rock / Metal
River of Views, Florida

I've been playing guitar and writing songs for well over 20 years now. At first being only a kid, it was dreamz, family connection along with the escape of growing up to be like one of my many music hero's! As time went on, jobs, careers, life and I changed as all things do...

Now has come the time for all dreams and child like things to be my reality! I share with you here, a part of myself that has grown to become the biggest part of all.... My Music!

I have played (Guitar, Bass, Vocals & Song Writing) in small pubs & venues around Florida from Arcadia to Gainesville, finally settling in Tampa, forming an Acoustic duo named DreamzScape! We played Ybor City in Tampa Florida and rocked them out, along with other local area bars in the late 90's to early 2002... 2007 I moved to Seattle Wa, to further my Music and Art.....so Here I am!

Now with 2009 I offer my originals in hopes it will inspire you as the events did which inspired me to write, play and perform them! My CD "The Beauty from Within" is due out late 2009.... Look out ~ I want to be your Music Muse!

Peace and Love to you all.... Darling

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