Dead Broke
Metal / Death Metal / Hardcore
Dayton , Ohio

Formed in early 2003, DB is a five member line-up(Dave-vocals,Adam-guitar,Eric-drums and vocals,Keith-guitar,& Ron-bass), that has crept up onto the metal scene and taken it by force.

This all original aggressive metal band from Dayton, OH has a duel axe attack that is unstoppable. Their crunch riffs and catchy hooks have made a hard impact on audiences, making people take a second look at the metal music scene.

Devastating drum rolls combined with unstoppable double bass blasts keep things feverishly brutal.....It's the rumble that beckons their fans to join in at their shows. With a range that is from Hell's abyss, the vocals are deep, dark and nasty.

They will dominate the metal music genre by "Any Means Necessary"!

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