Dean krippaehne
Jazz / Blues / Lounge
Seattle, Washington

Internationally renowned jazz artist Dean Krippaehne has been burning up the hip-hep-neo-swing-and-blues-thing since arriving on the jazz scene in the late eighties. With a great stage show and three jazz CDs to his credit he has been building a following and receiving glowing reviews ever since. The internet explosion of the late 90's provided a new platform for Dean's music that has seen him top the charts from Downbeat.com to Amazon.com to the immensely popular MP3.com.

Dean's music has also been featured in numerous compilations including: "THE BEST SONGS YOU NEVER HEARD" (MP3.com), REAL JUKEBOX (Real Inc.), "GET YOUR GROOVE ON" (MP3.com) and the "LINDOWS JAZZ" CD just to name a few.

Currently, in addition to performing, Dean is writing and producing music for numerous film and TV projects including the ABC daytime soap "One life to live" as well as new shows for MTV and ESPN. Always one to stretch his musical wings, Dean can be heard on quite a number of contemporary childrens projects including "Toddler Lullabies" (Discovery House), "Splash" (Augsburg Fortress) and "I love life!" (AIAC Childrens CD series).

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