Ambient / Electronica / Techno
AUGUSTA, West Virginia

As a huge fan of Electronic, Techno, House, and Industrial, DJ Ace started whipping up her own flava with the use of Fruity Loops a popular digital music program.

Well known friends are DJ Akashai out of B-More, Maryland, who is a huge inspiration. Ace lives in the hills of WV and works in VA so in spare moments stolen, she turns her daily dilemma into mind altering sound.

Never to be stereotyped, Ace flips the script like a slip of the lip, seeing this life as but a transport to the next. As a philosopher and theologan she works subterfuge into melody.

" As one eyes sees this fate, the other draws illustrations of a utopian plane of existance." Still creating, never fading, this is definatly a mind trip.

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