Sikh professor attacked by New York mob shouting 'get Osama.' He's American stupid!

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Video Discription: Columbia University professor Prabhjot Singh was attacked Saturday night in upper Manhattan in an incident police are investigating as a hate crime.

After dropping his wife and one-year-old son off at home, Singh, who is Sikh-American, went on a walk with a friend north of Central Park in Harlem.

The two were passing by a group of roughly 20 youths riding around on their bikes when Singh heard, "Get him!," "Osama" and "terrorist" being yelled in his direction, he told Buzzfeed.

Moments later, his beard was grabbed and he was hit on the chin.

He attempted to run, but the bike-riding mob gave chase and quickly caught up to the 31-year-old.

Singh fell to the ground after sustaining multiple hits to the face and the chest. The group then surrounded him as he lay on the sidewalk, repeatedly hitting him in the head.

The onslaught only ended once bystanders came to his aid.

Noting that the suspects were predominantly Africa-American, Singh, who has previously written about violence toward Sikhs in America, told Buzzfeed, "This is my community, I live in Harlem, I see patients here. It's not the side of Harlem I've come to know and not how I've been embraced."

The hate-driven mob who confused Singh for a radical Islamist, fled the scene of the crime.

No arrests have yet been made.


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