Dayton Ohio man Nathaniel Smith has 27 children by 17 women

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Video Discription: A Dayton, Ohio, man Nathaniel Smith revealed on television that he has 27 children by 17 women. To be exact, he has 12 sons and 15 daughters. (And we'll also admit that some reports say it was 16 women, though it might be 16 baby mamas and one wife. We're not sure.)

These details were shared during a particularly popular and passionate episode of the television show, Divorce Court.

You see, the 39-year-old Nathaniel Smith was married to 23-year-old Jasmine Cotton. They decided they couldn't get along anymore, so they went to Divorce Court to end the marriage, because they couldn't afford normal court. (Gets better and better, right?)

So the couple goes before Judge Lynn Toler and tells their tale. The judge, of course, is not impressed. She asks Smith exactly how one man can have 27 children and he replies in one word: "sex". Lots of it apparently. The man has apparently been spraying his seed all over Dayton for at least 21 years, because that's the age of one of his daughters, and she has a child, too.

So back to Divorce Court. The young Ms. Cotton tells the judge that Smith's been cheating and she's sure because he's got a 8-month-old boy and she also knows that Smith has another child who is a year old, so clearly the bull's been jumping the pen.

Smith just says what's done's been done, and he's a good father, or at least, tries to be. He said in a recorded interview that he sees most of his kids most of the time, and just five of them are off his radar because their mothers won't let him come close.

He also says that all he needs is his lucky break for a reality show 'cause that'll fix all his money problems.

And he seems to have some, too, because he has 21 child support orders, and we're guessing he's having trouble taking care of them as a "poet and performer". Not only that, he's just been jailed for failing to make a court appearance for a case related to juvenile court. We're not really sure what that means, but we're guessing that kids are involved.

And one last tid-bit of tat, Smith uses the stage names Brave Nate, FlexLuthor and Hustle Simmons, 'cause, you know, he's classy like that.


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