Demolition fail: Texas workers demolish the wrong house

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Video Discription: Originally published on July 18, 2013

Demolition gone wrong: In a spectacular bureaucratic clusterf**k, a Fort Worth, Texas home was torn down on July 12 — the wrong home. The three-bedroom house had been in David Underwood's family for decades.

The city hired contractors to raze a decrepit house at the 9700 block on Watercress Drive. Thing thing is, the crew were given the wrong address — the one to the perfectly good, vacant house next door.

And so the machines went to work on Mr. Underwood's dead grandmother's house. A neighbor aware of the scheduled demolition saw machines tearing into the wrong house and tried to alert officials, but it was too late.

The next day, Underwood and his wife went to check on the place they planned to fix up and retire in but were greeted with only a bare foundation slab.

Explaining the SNAFU, city official Brandon Bennet said simply, "A mistake was made." No sh*t, Brandon. Underwood, to his credit, is pretty zen about it all, explaining that plenty of people have it far worse than he.


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