Brazil drug trafficker crushed to death by huge drug stash

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Video Discription: A Brazilian drug trafficker was crushed to death by his own stash when he was crushed by half a ton of his own weed.

The unidentified man died after losing control of his car and hitting a tree. The impact of the crash caused the huge pile of weed in the backseat to shootg forward, crushing him against the wheel.

The chase, in Bataguassu, began when the smuggler happened upon a Federal Police roadblock and made a run for it.

He sped off, hoping to protect the 500kg of ganja he had stacked in the back seat of his vehicle from prying police eyes.

But the chase only lasted three miles before the drug-running dope lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a tree at the roadside.

The force of the impact resulted in the huge stash flying forward and crushing the hapless driver to death.

Police are now weeding through the wreckage of the vehicle in a bid to identify the deceased man as he was carrying no identification.


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