Jigoku Meguri Part 2 Manga + Drama CD ( YAOI )

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Video Discription: Jigoku Meguri
Author: Kuju Siam

NOTE: I just want to say thank you to those who told me about the people who re-uploaded my videos. That's really sweet, I appreciate it. You are all the bee's knees! I kind of expected this would happen, c'mon it's the internet. lol I can't do much to stop it, not like I can pull out my katana and say "Yo, you better stop before I do something we both seriously regret." Haha anyways, in summary, I'm totally cool with people who re-upload my videos, and I really do appreciate everyone's concern. Let's try to keep this yaoi business light and happy shall we? Anways, I love all of you too, and hope you stick around to watch some more. Let's spread the yaoi love together! xD


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