Sorority girl poops on two-timing frat brother's chair

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Video Discription: A sorority girl dropped a number two on the chair of a Beta Theta Pi fraternity brother at the University of Alabama, after he ditched her to see another girl. To add injury to the insult, she then wiped herself with his blanket.

The story, and accompanying photo, first surfaced on Total Frat Move, a website dedicated to Greek life.

In the photo, a mushy turd is seen smeared on the seat of a standard-issue dorm room desk chair, and a red blanket.

Details of the incident, which were sent to the website via an e-mail with 'Shacker at Alabama' in the subject line, are as follows:

'I was going to write this one for you but couldn't figure out how.
'A Beta took a chick home last night then ditched her to apparently hook up with another girl. The original girl wasn't too happy so she took a shit on his chair then wiped with his comforter. I realize this isn't your typical news story but it's fucking hilarious. I also have to ask you if that's what girl poop looks like? What the fuck is this girl eating? No idea what sorority she's in but if I find out, I'll let you know.'
Readers wrote it claimed that the shitter belonged to either Delta Gamma or Phi Mu. Then, one of her sorority sister's ratted her out with the following message:

'Regarding the girl who shit herself, I can confirm it was a member of [sorority name redacted]. She lives on my hall and she did that in our bathroom. Also, she then told us she was going to stay with a Beta.'

The loyal sister included a photo of a communal bathroom toilet with a log splattered near the base of the bowl.

Way to keep it classy, Bama!


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