Sex with twins: Man tells two female twins they're cursed, tricks them into sex

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A man in the northern Taiwanese port city of Keelung reportedly managed to bed a 20-year-old woman and her twin sister by convincing them it was the only way to get rid of a curse they had been struck with.

The suspect, a 27-year-old named Chien Chih Sheng, reportedly started his shenanigans back in 2012, when he began chatting online with his mark, a girl named Xiao Hua.

Posing as a girl surnamed Shiu suffering from a terminal illness, he managed to convince Hua to "take care" of her boyfriend, none other than Chien himself, to help him cope with her impending death.

Once the two began dating and the made-up Shiu was presumably out of the picture, ever the devious trickster, Chien fooled Hua into believing that she had been cursed and that her family members faced imminent danger unless she slept with him, which she readily obliged.

Chien apparently continued his errant ways and next tricked Hua's twin sister into believing she was possessed by a demon that the only appropriate form of exorcism would be to f*** it out of her.

He reportedly exorcised the hell out the demon's plaguing the twins and had sex with them a total of 55 times over a two month period.

The girls' family eventually caught wind of the con after Hua's twin sister became pregnant and Chien wound up arrested and sentenced to a dozen years in jail.

No word on what happened to that demon baby though!


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