6-year-old suspended from school for sexual harassment

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Video Discription: A 6-year-old boy from Canon City, near Colorado Springs, Colorado, was suspended from school for kissing a girl on the hand during class.

First-grader Hunter Yelton said that it happened during class in an interview with KRDO. "We were doing reading group, and I leaned over and kissed her on the hand. That's what happened."

Hunter's Rico Suave worthy moves got him suspended from Lincoln School of Science and Technology in Canon City on Monday. Hunter's mom Jennifer Saunders said that he's been suspended once before for kissing the same girl and has also been in trouble for rough-housing before.

In the interview, Hunter said that he had a crush on the girl at school and that she likes him back.

Saunders said she didn't see anything wrong with Hunter's display of affection. She said that she has punished him for problems he's had at school. She said she was shocked however when the school principal used the term "sexual harassment" during a meeting.

Superintendent of Canon City Schools Robin Gooldy said Hunter's record will stay within the district and that his behavior fits the school policy description of sexual harassment, which includes unwanted touching. "Our main interest in this is having the behavior stop because the story is not just about the student that was disciplined, it is also about the student receiving the unwanted advances. We have to think about both students in the situation."

Seems like Lincoln school officials may be overreacting a bit in this case. It's not like Hunter is going around all Quagmire in class or anything. It's time Colorado adjust its zero-tolerance disciplinary policies in schools. Or maybe they just forgot to with all the legal weed they're smoking nowadays.


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