Kicked in the face by train driver: Selfie-taker Jared Michael explains video

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The humiliated star of a viral video that may have attracted more haters than any other video this year has explained what happened that day last month.

Jared Michael and a buddy were trekking toward Machu Picchu in Peru along a narrow mountain path beside a railway track and noticed slow freight trains passing. That's when the kid from Regina, Saskatoon made his big mistake.

Michael had figured the trains were passing slowly enough that he could safely snap a cool video selfie. However, the next train that came around the corner was travelling faster than the others, at "normal train speed," says Michael.

Standing just inches from the track as the train train approached, Michael only just starts the video in time.

The young Canadian says the driver was positioned about four feet back from the front of the train and that the kick wasn't necessary to save his life. If the train was going to him him, it would have before the boot connected with his face, Jared believes.

Responding to the hate he's received online, the Canadian says if the shoe were on the on the other foot and he'd seen this video he'd also fall over laughing at the stupidity of it all.


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