Vos Voisins - 1971 (full album)

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Video Discription: Vos Voisins was formed by two songwriter/musicians, Jacques Perron (keyboards/vocals) and Pierre Ringuet (drums), who had already recorded with two prominent Quebec artists, as "Les Enzymes" with Louise Forestier (who in turn had worked with Robert Charlebois), and as accompanyists with Yvon Deschamps. In 1971, Perron and Ringuet teamed up with Serge Vallières (guitar), André Parenteau (bass), and lyricist Marcel Sabourin, and the band released its only album. The original LP was entitled "Holocauste à Montréal" and featured an album cover imitating the front page of the local tabloid "Allô Police" with mug shots of each of the band members. This did not go down well with the paper's publisher and caused quite a stir in the industry (looking like something from the punk rock era), but obviously created awareness for the band. The original album was pulled from the market (thus becoming a collector's item), and the recording (now simply self-titled) was reissued with a tamer cover. Vos Voisins' music ranges from hard rock (with humourous lyrics), to mellow ballads accompagnied by Forestier's beautiful singing. They scored a radio hit with the raunchy song "Le Monstre de la Main (ou the Main Monster)". Despite varying styles, the compositions are well written, with many progressive tendencies, and the band's talent is clearly evident. Vallières would join Ville Emard Blues Band a few years later. "Vos Voisins" is one of the better progressive rock albums to emerge from Quebec in the early 1970's.


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