Cristiano Ronaldo The World at His Feet ~ Trailer

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Video Discription: Documentary / Sports (2014) 70 minutes ~ Color

From "Pele" to David Beckham, Sir Bobby Charlton and Lionel Messi... these legends have set a high standard for any player about to step onto the World Cup stage. Now Cristiano Ronaldo is ready for that challenge.

Cristiano Ronaldo doe Santos Aveiro, known as Cristiano Ronaldo, haild from Protugal and has won practically every honour there is in the world of football. Today as the star player for Real Madrid, Ronaldo turns heads and makes headlines wherever he goes. From winning his second Ballon d'or, making time for both his fans and various charities... discover why this young man has the world at his feet.

Stars: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benedict Cumberbatch


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