Julia Angwin: Social Networking All About 'Broadcasting'

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Video Discription: Julia Angwin: Social Networking All About 'Broadcasting'
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MySpace is one of the most visited Internet destinations in America, displaying more than 40 billion webpage views per month and generating nearly $1 billion annually for Rupert Murdoch's online empire. Even by the standards of the Internet age, the MySpace saga is an astounding growth story.In Stealing MySpace, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Julia Angwin, chronicles the rise of this Internet powerhouse. With an unerring eye, Angwin details how MySpace took the Internet by storm by grabbing the best ideas from around the Web, encouraging pinup stars such as Tila Tequila to make their home on its pages and giving everyone freedom to experiment with online identities -- including using somebody else's identity.Venturing beyond the business aspects of the story, Angwin also explores the Internet culture, a voyeuristic world, and she dishes on the epic real-world battle for control of a virtual empire.


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