Deepak Chopra: Five Breathroughs for the Body

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Video Discription: Deepak Chopra: Five Breathroughs for the Body
Commonwealth Club - Santa Clara Convention Center Theatre
"You can't change the body without changing the self, and you can't change the self without bringing in the soul," says Deepak Chopra, a renowned pioneer in holistic medicine. Chopra believes the highest choice is to reinvent your body and resurrect your soul.He discusses aging, the many lifestyle diseases he says are the result of the steady loss of energy inside the body, and how awareness can reverse the process.From early childhood, each of us has been inventing our body, through beliefs, habits, conditioning, and our mental responses to everyday stress. We've done this unconsciously, and may now feel dissatisfaction on all levels: body, mind and spirit.Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul offers three keys to creating the self you desire: the soul shift, the subtle action, and the core participation. Chopra's message is that your highest vision of yourself can be turned into physical reality.


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