Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi Chapter 3 (Manga + DRAMA CD)

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Video Discription: WARNING! Contains BOY X BOY RELATIONSHIPS!
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Title: ▶ Boku no Shiru Anata no Hanashi ◀
Seiyuus: ▶ Tachibana Shinnosuke x Morikawa Toshiyuki ◀

DO NOT FLAG! I warned you many times, so please try to understand those who want to watch. And please respect the effort the uploader has put into this video.

This is the final chapter of this manga guys!! I have to say that this was one of the most beautiful mangas I've read, despite it being released in a long time. Though I've been hearing the uke's voice quite often in my projects. XD destiny :P Well I hope you enjoy watching this~ I will also upload the extra of this, but it doesn't have a manga or any part so it's just a drama cd. Suzuki Tatsuhisa is there again!!! Oh my gosh *7*

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