Jay's Sister Ties Rakhi (Emotional Scene) - Marte Dum Tak – Raj Kumar, Govinda

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Video Discription: "Watch Jay's Sister Ties Rakhi - Marte Dum Tak – Raj Kumar, Govinda

Marte Dam Tak is a Bollywood action film released in 1987. This movie is directed by Mehul Kumar and has stars Raaj Kumar, Govinda and Farha Naaz in the lead role.

Inspector Rane (Raaj Kumar) is a courteous police officer who goes behind the bars for seven years on trial for murder. While in prison, Rane becomes an underworld operator in the name 'Rana' and plans towards seeking revenge on Mathur (Sudhir Dalvi) and killing him. He hires Jai (Govinda) to kill him who mistakenly kills someone else. Angered by his mistake, Jai decides to give up a life of crime and pay attention on his family matters. This leaves Rana alone to continue his hunt for Mathur keeping himself away from the hands of Mathur's gang.

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