Shahrukh Khan In Salman Khan's BIGG BOSS 9 DILWALE Promotions

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Video Discription: Don’t we really love the Bhaichara between Salman and Shahrukh in Bollywood? The love between the two stars is now gonna come out on Bigg Boss the television reality show. Here is where Salman in his Sultan avatar interacts with a diaspora of janta who lap up his tremendously stylish chatter.
With SRK on Bigg Boss the contestants sure are gonna have fun. Just recently they had Deepika on the show and if it is King Khan then we as the viewers can expect a real dhamaka hai na? As for Shahrukh he would be promoting his comeback film with Kajol Dilwale.
Interesting hai na? To see Prem Dilwale with the Dilwale hero ! Heh heh! With the Sultan and Raees clash in the forefront next Eid, we sure love this Dilwale stuff and now look forward to the release of their forthcoming blockbusters. Way to go Bhais!
Shahrukh Now On Bigg Boss 9
It is Shahrukh not Salman on Bigg Boss 9


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