JF-17 Thunder dazzling air display - Paris Air Show 2015

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Video Discription: Paris Airshow 2015 kicks off with JF-17 Thunder dazzling air display
Amidst huge crowds during the official opening ceremony of 51st Paris International Airshow, JF-17 Thunder exhibited its dazzling debut aerial performance at Le Bourget Paris, today. The breath taking aerial display by the Thunder, co-developed by China and Pakistan, included some extraordinary maneuvers like the muscle climb, thunder turns, slow speed performance and inverted flight.
The Thundery performance by the PAFs display pilot, Wing Commander Usman left the spectators spell bound. After the display, aircraft landed back amidst huge round of applause by the thrilled and enchanted crowds. Besides aerial display, one JF-17 has been put on static display showing off its range of weapons. Large number of spectators including the potential buyers and enthusiasts are taking keen interest in JF-17 Thunder aircraft.
A joint press conference by PAF and AVIC (China Aviation Industry Corporation) was also held after the opening ceremony. While speaking at the occasion, Mr. Li Yuhai, Vice President AVIC told the media, After successful participation of JF-17 aircraft in Farnborough Air Show, Dubai Air Show and Zhuhai Air Show in China, 03 JF-17 Aircraft have arrived to the Paris Air Show.
This is another major action jointly taken by AVIC and Pakistan Air Force to further cultivate the international market for JF-17 aircraft. Currently, there are already positive market prospects for JF-17 aircraft in the international defense trade market.
Later Mr. Yang Ying, President CATIC while interacting with media said, As a third-generation fighter featured with outstanding flight performance, strong operational capability, well-supported logistic system, and high performance-to-cost ratio, JF-17 enjoys a broad
market prospect.
As JF-17 aircraft can be used as a substitute of second-generation fighter, all the countries still taking second-generation fighter as the backbone of its air force are actually the potential customers of JF-17 aircraft.
Current market reaction also proves our expectation: on one hand, there are already several customers showing great interest and procurement intent toward JF-17 aircraft ; on the other, with the effort of Sino-Pak joint sales and marketing team, some customers are carrying out in-depth interaction with us.
Towards the end of press conference, Air Vice Marshal Arshad Malik, Chief Project Director, JF-17 Project, PAF addressed the media and said, With its light-weight, all-weather, multi-role characteristics, the JF-17 enjoys comparative agility and maneuverability in all regimes vis-a-vis the fighters of
same category.
The strength of JF-17 lies in its advanced aerodynamics and modern avionics. Aircraft maneuverability would be visible during the aerial display today. As part of its advanced systems, the computer controlled fault diagnosis and analysis system not only reduces maintenance cost, but also introduces the concept of maintenance on \"need only\" basis. No wonder our airmen take no time in feeling at home while operating JF-17 aircraft. Having provided salient features of JF-17 Program, allow me to highlight an important aspect of this program; \"What does JF-17 offer?\"
In my reckoning - it provides cutting edge capabilities at an affordable cost. I am specially highlighting this aspect, as JF-17 was designed, developed and built with a careful balance of advanced technologies as an affordable and cost effective fighter.
In the end he further added, I believe that the program has a great future and the potential it offers in its own class is unmatched. Of course none of this would have been possible without the excellent teamwork between the PAF and Chinese teams. I take this opportunity to thank our Chinese partners in AVIC and CATIC for their unflinching support. I am sure the future holds a lot of promise for our joint venture


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