Here's how Facebook makes those 360-degree videos look so awesome

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Video Discription: Ever wondered how Facebook's 360-degree videos look so good, no matter where you turn your phone ?
It's all explained in a new video shared by Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Thursday.
The videos are created using a technology called cube-mapping, in which the video is projected onto faces of a cube, with each face representing one direction relative to the viewer.
This enables the viewer to see the video from all angles, while removing some redundant information that causes video warping, reducing the file size by 25% - a big deal on Facebook's scale.
It's a basic technical description of how we stitch together virtual reality and 360 videos efficiently enough to stream live on your phone.
If you're interested in how we solve these problems, check out this video using an example of Blue Angels footage taken by USA Today.


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