Closing To Dragonworld 1994 VHS

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Video Discription: Here Is The Closing Previews To The 1994 VHS Of Dragonworld,And Here Are The Orders:
1.Paramount Pictures Logo
2.Moonbeam Video Zone Intro
3.Introduction With Charles Band
4.Lights,Camera,Action! Segment:Dragonworld
5.Focus Segment:Pet Shop
6.Coming Attractions Bumper
7.Pet Shop Trailer(Again!)
8.Now On Home Video Bumper
9.Remote Trailer
10.Prehysteria Trailer
11.Collector's Items Bumper
12.Moonbeam Fan Club Promo
13.Closing Credits To The Program
That's All.
©1994 Moonbeam Entertainment.
©1994 Paramount Pictures.


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