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Video Discription: Thanks! You are quite beautiful!
[]Dude got any more pics of your hot mom?
[]Were you importing this chemical for legitimate industrial purposes? Or were you truly importing it to make drugs?
[]If we could all just eat game that would be the ideal... Okay, so first we all need to reduce meat consumption to a few times a year, or there'd be no game animals. And get rid of our dogs and cats... wait, I see a problem with this plan.

Just out of curiosity; do you eat wild caught fish?
[]I don't understand how someone can be considered dangerous enough to legally bar them from working with children, yet safe enough to be rewarded for wanting to father them.
[][ (★) ]

[]What gets me is, almost everywhere else that has constant major problems, the property values are lower...then you get to South Destruction Central, and the property values are outrageous. But hey, most of the time good weather, just has a nasty tendency to get super windy and kill lots of people, and destroy lots of homes and businesses at almost random...
[]Shooting children with a sniper. Very satisfying. POP
[]I am bet man
[]Well, you talk about jumping to conclusions, and at the same time you do it yourself... Step up your troll game, you can bait more people if you stay consistent.
[]Then lock me up. Thanks for the reply.
[]where are they hanging out? hope OP can find his grandad by now.
[]At a tyre shop a customer asked when we fixed the wheels to his car to put all the valves at top dead center. He went on to explain that this way he wouldn't have to bend over as much when pumping his tyres up at the service station.
[]It quite literally won over 200 awards.
[]Well this is in Japan. The taxi was about as clean as an average car you would find anywhere else.
[]Current Location Details
[]The obsession with weed, or drugs in general (but mostly weed) Especially since reddit is extremely biased towards thinking that weed is some miracle drug that fixes everything because of random articles they find online, blatantly spout off some bullshit to justify their addictions or people who choose to talk about it in completely unrelated topics. Nobody cares and you just look stupid.
[]That got a sensible chuckle out of me
[]French. And not good crazy. It irritates me so much. Unfortunately.
[]what about if you got bitten on the penis hahahha
[]Aaron's awesome restoration time lapse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bP158y03VxQ
[]And you still manage to dress better than I do! congratulations! I hope for a happy and healthy baby and an easy birth! :)
[]I'm blown away by the amount of stupidity being thrown around here, especially seeing the term "overhyped" being used.

It is fortunate for those that didn't evacuate, by their own choice or their inability, that the storm has receded slightly in it's strength and has shifted course to run parallel with the coast.

I understand that Floridans (if thats what you are referred to as) build their structures to adhere to strict codes intended to withstand tropical storms. I get that you have experienced evacuations and news reports of impending doom in the past which turned out to be nothing.

But what if the storm didn't shrink over the past 2 hours? What if it didn't shift it's path slightly to lessen the impact you're probably experiencing as I write this from 1500 miles North of you? What if the 10 foot surge accompanied by 8 foot swell slammed into your coastline and it's thousands of inhabitants as initially predicted?

I don't think you'd be using the word 'overhyped' with a sense of disappointment in its tone then.

I truly fear the day the forecast holds and the rampant ignorance, over confidence in


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