Opening,Intervals, And Closing To Winnie The Pooh:Detective Tigger 1994 VHS

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Video Discription: Here Is The Opening,Intervals,And Closing Previews To The 1994 VHS Of Winnie The Pooh:Detective Tigger,And Here Are The Orders:
1.Green FBI Warning Screens
2.1986 Walt Disney Home Video Logo
3.Winnie The Pooh:Playtime Videos Trailer
4.Spot Videos Trailer
5.Feature Program Screen
6.Intro Bumper
7.Winnie The Pooh Playtime Intro
8."Tigger,Private Ear" Title Card
9.Final Few Seconds Of "Eeyore's Tail Tale"
10.Closing Credits To The Program
11.Walt Disney Television Logo
12.Winnie The Pooh Storybook Classics Trailer
That's All.
©The Walt Disney Company.
Note:I've Included The Interval Playtime Bumpers To This Tape!


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