TNA Impact Wrestling 27 October 2016 Highlights

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Video Discription: TNA Impact Wrestling 27 October 2016 Highlights
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Laurel Van Ness went up against Allie
Mike Bennett and Maria main-evented against Cody and Brandi Rhodes in a mixed-tag match

The show opened with a vignette in which the Hardys are wandering through Matt’s pumpkin patch (while Brother Nero eats corn as they walk). Matt has a “premonition” that someone will visit the compound later that night.
Aron Rex and Eli Drake def. EC3 and Jessie Godderz by pinfall
Another vignette shows Matt Hardy giving trick or treating children green beans instead of candy
After showing off his BroMan costume to Robbie E, Grado and Robbie are attacked by the mysterious trio DCC (whose members have still not been revealed)
Team X Gold def. Rockstar Spud and Decay by pinfall
Eddie Edwards and Bobby had their contract signing, but no physicality was permitted. Lashley tells Edwards he should just forfeit the title, and Edwards counters by getting into Lashley’s head with the possibility that he loses two in a row. The segment ends with Lashley flipping the table and signing the contract.
Laurel Van Ness def. Allie by pinfall
Another Hardy vignette airs. Two people–one dressed as Donald Trump and the other as Hillary Clinton–come to the door. Senor Benjamin tazes the person in a Trump costume and Matt yells “DELETE!” at the Hillary after asking her where her emails went.
Aron Rex is confronted by Jesse Godderz, whom he grants another shot at the Grand Championship
The Hardys watch a video in which the masked trio DCC challenge them to a match next week
Cody and Brandi Rhodes def. The Bennetts by submission
After the match, Lashley attacked Cody
I’ll admit: I was nervous that the Hardys would be used for overly-gimmicky, not very funny at all comedy bits to coincide with the holiday. Televised pro wrestling shows around the holidays often breed that kind of thing.

But, I was pleasantly surprised that the Hardys came through with legitimately humorous vignettes. The personal transcriber writing down Matt’s premonition in the pumpkin patch. The green beans bit was great. Brother Nero’s costume change to “Itchweed” was oddly amusing. Yelling DELETE at the person in a Hillary costume was delightful. I found myself laughing out loud while watching their segments.

The Hardys have really taken advantage of the freedom given to them by TNA. Matt and Jeff have been able to really flex their creative and comedic capabilities in ways that WWE never permitted them to. Tonight’s sketches were evidence of this, and they were the overall highlight of the night for me.
The finish of the tag match kicking off the show solidified that Aron Rex has gone full heel.

His appearance on “The Facts of Life” with Drake was a solid indicator that this was the direction his character would go, but after a rake to the eyes of Godderz and use of what appeared to be brass knuckles, Rex is definitely a baddie.

This was the ending the match needed. It aided the development of Rex’s heel persona, laid the foundation for the rematch between the two, and kept the Grand Champion’s momentum rolling. I’m still not entirely sure if those were brass knuckles he used to knock out Godderz, but I hope they were. Can’t go wrong with that “oldie but goodie” foreign object.

Rockstar Spud has been vocal about his frustration with not being a part of Team X Gold. There was quite a bit of anticipation built up to see not only who he would team with to face Team X Gold, but also to see how he would get revenge on DJZ for not being chosen to be a part of the faction.

While Decay was an interesting choice for Spud to team with, the match made him look terribly weak. He got pinned by DJZ almost immediately after tagging himself in and entering the match.

There could have been an interesting angle built between Team X Gold and a rival trio led by Rockstar Spud, but instead they decisively squashed him.

This seemed like a pretty big missed opportunity.

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All things considered, Halloween is practically around the bend. So today evening time the time had come to take a break


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