Is It *Really* True That Guys Change After Sex?

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Why do so many women insist on waiting to have sex with someone they really like and connect with on a physical and personal level? We'd like to think that it's because some guys like to do this funny thing where they completely change their behavior and personality after the deed is done.


Hi. I’m Julie Orlov with Ask an Expert answering your love and relationship questions. Today’s question is: Dear Julie, help me understand why men change after you have sex. I feel like I can’t trust myself when it comes to picking a great guy cause they all change after a while and are never who they were on the first few dates.

Alright so here’s my advice to you. You need to slow down. You may be picking men that are only interested in having sex with you and only sex with you. If this is going on time and time again, you need to be more selective with who you sleep with. People debit straight and kind of resent themselves a certain way when they’re in a courting mode. Men do it and women do it as well. If you are wanting certain qualities in a man and if you’re wanting a relationship to extend over time and expand and grow over time.

I highly, highly, highly, recommend you not jump into bed with them. It takes time. It takes conversations. It takes shared experiences to get to know someone. Take your time in doing so. Put those hormones in check get yourself under control, and slow down. I promise you it will pay off.

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