Do Men REALLY Like " The Chase " ? (According To Guys)

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If you're curious about whether or not the three day rule (waiting to call a man) is totally made up, you've come to the right place. Just what is it about "the chase" that men find appealing? Hear what these guys have to say about dating, relationships and the pursuit of women.


Five guys, five different love stages. This is That’s What He Said. If you work hard for something we appreciate it more. You value it because sacrificed for it and the same holds true in relationships so what is it about the chase that's so exciting?

If a girl says yes the first time you ask her out does that sort of kill the buzz for you?

I do think it's kind of a turn off when it's too easy. You know. You kind of have to play that game. You have to play the the chase- not call for three days. You got to play all that. Yeah, it may seem stupid and childish but it's the truth.

If I like somebody, like, I shouldn’t have to wait three days to call her. You know so this is my message to the ladies. If I like you I’m just going to call you the next day. I don't really care.

If you go out with me on the drop of a hat, if you sleep with me in a drop of a hat if you’re ready to hook up with me like that the first thing I'm thinking is what has happened with the last few guys that you’ve dated, right and we’re insecure too. I feel like I didn’t have to work very hard for this like where’s the fun?

I actually chased a girlfriend for about a year because she would not have sex with me It drove me batty. I hated her I resented her. Now I think back like that was kind of cool. She drove me insane like what's wrong with me? What am I doing? Like, I would doing anything, I mean anything to get in her pants.

So guys what about the most horrible rejection you’ve ever received.

Well my wife and I got divorced. So its pretty-
I never had the experience that like after I've been dating someone on for a really long time a bad just like you know what this is not working. What’s worse is more of the preemptive like look you’re a really nice guy. I think we’d be really great friends. I just don’t want to go out with you. And then you see the types of idiots she’s going out with and you’re like What?

What’s even worse than that though in my opinion is sorta feigning interest and even giving the real phone number and then you call or you text and there's just nothing like I'd much rather you give me that fake rejection number. Don't give your real number if you really were interested in me and then ignore me.

Let’s talk about the idea of leagues. Do you feel likes there’s a certain set of people that fall into your league?

My league kicks ass. So we don’t worry about anyone not in it.

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