Who Should Pay On The First Date? (As Told By Guys)

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Video Discription: Who do YOU think should pull out the cash for your date? Weigh in here: http://www.yourtango.com/20085247/dating-etiquette-the-7-inch-lean

Find out what men think about money and dating in this episode of "That's What He Said." Also, what is the 7-inch lean? Who pays for "unmentionables?"


Dear Abby,
You aint got nothing on us. Five guys, give different love stages, endless topics. Get ready for a little guy guidance. I’m Steven Fabien and this is “That’s What He Said”.

Let’s set it up. You’re out on a date the food’s great, the conversations great, the wine flowing that means the bill’s going up and up. So the question is, who pays the bill. Dating is not cheap. But if you let her pay, does that mean you are?

Waiter drops the bomb. It’s a large one. What do you do?

You pick it up.


If your arm does not go out there immediately, you’re done.

Yea, I’ll take the bill and then I’m like “If you want to take the tip, that’s cool”. Break it up that way. Like, you wanna tip? That’s fine sure!

Sometimes you just go through the motions of having that fake argument. “I’m gonna pay.” She says, “No, I’m gonna pay”. Make if three rounds of that and then you just pay anyway.

That’s like one of nature’s beautiful dance.

Yea, exactly!

When two birds kinda like go back and forth before they mate.

You can’t explain in.

I will pay this bill and I will have a great time paying this bill but I like when you just pretend you want to pay the bill.

All it is, is like the 7 inch lean. That’s all. That’s all it is. That’s all she needs to do.

If the date isn’t going so well. You know you’re not gonna ever see this girl again in your entire life. What do you do then?

You want to just pay for each other’s meals? You know what I mean? Like let just get in this.

There seems like a check off list: If a girl says something racist. Bing! Split. You know- You know she ah… she insults your face. Split.

Does income level play a role when you’re going on a date?

Yea I saw, my girlfriend’s pay stub and then I knew she was making more than me.

Ohhh, Man!

And then like immediately that next night, it was just like, I was just waiting, like “Yea, you’re gonna pay for this”. It just like crushed me to find that out.

If there’s ever something that she needs and she like struggling, you jump right I there and buy whatever kind of pharmaceutical she needs. Like, I don’t care what it is.

Why do you- Becausee-

There’s just something about looking out for them.

I guess I’m weird like that. Like, your feminine hygiene is not my problem. It’s like I don’t wanna pay for your tampons. You know, I’ll pay for your dinner but not your tampons. Well, when money’s the questions, there never seems to be and easy answer. But in the world of dating guys it seems like picking up that first tab will always insure you date number two. This has been “That’s What He Said”. Thanks for watching.

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