What Guys Really Think About Makeup

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If you've ever wondered whether or not your man is a fan of your makeup or beauty regiments, you've come to the right place. From eyeshadow to bold lipstick, these guys give the brutal truth on how they really feel about your beauty routine.


Dear Abby: You ain't got nothing on us. Five guys, five different life stages, endless topics. Get ready for a little guy guidance. I'm Stephen baby and this is That's What He Said. Here's a big one: Make up. Do you guys like the natural look, lots of makeup? This is a hot topic.

Too much money is spent on makeup as far as I'm concerned because for what it achieves in my book, it's like I have to like girl without makeup. Makeup is essentially "lying paint". Is mascara the thing that goes on your eyes? That's eyeshadow. That is the worst thing. Your gesturing, I know your routine. It's shadow above, and then the mascara on the eyelashes.

When this is off, when you have this one for like weeks at a time and then we see it off it looks like you're a newborn baby because your eyelids look huge, we haven't seen that flesh color a lot.
I dated a girl who were a lot of foundation so much and it just looked bad because you know, I didn't want to touch her face that much.

You know, it reminds me of like middle school or high school when you look at a girl and you can see the makeup on her face. You can see the little ring like that. My girlfriend never wears makeup; she looks great without it but the time that she does, it's like "Oh, hey!" It's like little fireworks.

You're talking to someone and you can smell her lipstick. I'm like lip gloss is one thing; they have all those flavors and you know that it's just for you. Yeah, stop putting things on your lips. It's just hand to mouth. Stop putting that stuff on your lips every five minutes, it's like gloss.

It's like that song "My lip gloss is poplin'". But I know that they need it. You know why they need it? For each other. Because they have to look better than everyone else in that room. It's terrible. But someone it's takes a lot of makeup to look like there's no makeup. That's like the jedi mind trick of the whole thing. "I'm not wearing any makeup."

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