Yikes! What Guys Secretly Think About What You Wear

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Video Discription: Ladies, do you agree with their thoughts when it comes to fashion? Weigh in here: http://www.yourtango.com/20085250/what-guys-secretly-think-about-what-you-wear

Here's the deal. Despite popular belief, your man IS checking out what you are wearing (and not just what's underneath). And ladies, according to the men in this video, he probably isn't that impressed. Even though we always assume that men are pretty much indifferent when it comes to our date night outfits, they actually are paying attention. In fact, there are quite a few fashion trends that they just can't get behind—and even see as a total deal breaker.


Dear Abby: you ain't got nothing on us. Tango goes straight to the source and gets guys talking about sex, dating, make-ups and breakups. Five guys. five different life stages. Get ready for a little guy guidance. I'm Stephen Fabian and this is "That's what he said". Surprisingly, men are paying attention to what you're wearing and not just what's underneath it so let's find out what guys think are cool and not cool. Hi guys, let's talk about women's fashion trends. What do you like, what do you hate?

I'll start it off. The huge sunglasses? Immediately turned off. The big bug eyed sunglasses.

How much sun is actually getting on your face that you need to protect yourself that much?

But why would a girl want to look like Lenny Kravitz? What is that appeal?

The problem is that women are starting to all dress alike whether they're 30 or 50. Do you know what I mean? So you see little girls wearing these skirts and then I see a woman that's thirty years old - it kinda turns me off a bit because I'm like I just saw that on an eight year old.

It kind of turns me own when a girl is tatted up.

The tattoo, I never understand because it's like there are so many women who don't wear the same pair of shoes for the three months and then they're gonna permanently - like "this flower, I'm gonna love this in twenty years."

Call me old-fashioned but I am a sucker for a woman in a dress just below the knee.

Like a sundress?

Well, not necessarily a sundress but with like a belt. Just like a lady on the town, almost like a Jackie O look, like a model but modernized. Wow, is it getting hot in here? What is happening all of a sudden?

What about shoes, are you looking for girls when you're out that are wearing heels, flats, Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars?

If I see a girl who is wearing high heels and can't walk in them, I'm done with this.

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In this episode of "That's What He Said," find out what men think about fashion trends. Big sunglasses, high heels, tattoos, sun dresses, Converse sneakers, skirts and piercings.

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