Was Kate Upton a Diva on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Set?

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Video Discription: Kate Upton might be pleasant to look at, but is she a true diva when she’s at a photoshoot?

In anticipation of the new 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, that’s the rumor coming from the New York Post’s Page Six.

Page Six reports that Kate had dramatic, diva demands during her photo shoot, as it’s rumored that Kate could be on the cover again. It’s reported, “Kate demanded that if she did the shoot, that she absolutely must get the cover. She also had a list of photographers and hair and makeup people she would only work with.”

Whenever we’ve had a chance to interact with Kate, she seems pretty pleasant.

Also, the report strangely says, “She thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s an actress.”

So far, Kate’s really only been in a small handful of films, and only starred in The Other Woman back in 2014… She has a few others in post-production, but probably nothing Oscar worthy.

Who knows if Kate’s diva drama is true, it’s just as likely that it’s models spreading false rumors.


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