Joanna Krupa Defends Her Sexy Instagram Account

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Video Discription: [SOT: Hey Joanna! How are you?]

We spotted Joanna Krupa and her mom arriving at LAX and since Joanna’s been getting a lot of negative attention on social media for her sexy and sultry instagramo account we were curious…

[SOT: So what do you say to people who say it’s too much?]

[Joanna: For the people that are against it they shouldna’t be following models or celebrities that post sexy stuff.]

Hmm, if you don’t like it, change the channel. ‘Nuff said.

Joanna has been named sexiest swimsuit model in the world by both Playboy and Maxim Magazine in the past, so she’s definitely got the street cred to be posting these kind of racy snaps and near naked instagram videos. It’s kind of her thing. But, we had to ask her mom what she thought about all the sexy shots.

[SOT: Mom: Some pictures I like it, and sexy I don’t.]

[SOT: Joanna: But Mom, don’t forget because of Peta doing controversial sexy ads the animals have a voice!]

We get it Joanna, show it off, reel’em in, and then sell them on your message. It’s marketing 101 and we’re all for it!


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