Ice Cube Talk About Snoop Dogg's Beef With President Trump

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Video Discription: Of course Ice Cube is fully aware of Snoop Dogg’s beef with President Donald Trump after the rapper created a music video that parodied shooting a clown that resembled the Commander in Chief.

So we had to get his take on the situation.

[01:11 – Pap: Can I get your reaction on that? IC: I’m supporting my homie Snoop, you know what I mean? Freedom of speech, do it how you feel it.]

Not surprisingly, the music video created a ton of controversy and even the President himself vocalized his disappointment in a video that more or less depicted his assassination.

Of course, Trump took his own shot at Snoop too.

[Pap: 01:25 – Donald Trump actually said he’s got a failing career, but we all know better, right? IC: Of course… We all know Donald’s a liar, so you can’t believe nothing he say.]

Leave it to Ice Cube to send a cold message to the White House.


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