Kristin Cavallari Prepares to Leave Chicago

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Video Discription: Kristin Cavallari famously got her start on the sands of Laguna Beach, but Chicago has become the true home for her and her family... Till now.

The former reality TV star wrote about it on Instagram saying, "so we're moving from Chicago soon and I gotta say, I'm really king to miss this place."

Kristin makes the point that Chicago is where all three of her children were born, and where she started her relationship with husband Jay Cutler.

Cutler has been released by the Chicago Bears and it remains unknown where else in the NFL he might be signed.

Kristin also credits the city with bringing her closer to her mom, and a place where she's cultivated a bunch of close friendships with other women.

The Windy City hasn't seen the last of Kristin and her family though, as she puts it, "this will always be a special place for us."

She's saying bye to Chi-town, but not forever.


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