Caitlin O'Connor Poses Topless With a Live Snake

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Video Discription: Why wear a bra when you can use a live animal? Right Caitlin O’Connor?

The actress and model is on the beaches of Malibu with an extremely large snake, and clearly she’s not afraid of any serpents.

In fact, Caitlin looks a little too comfortable handling that live snake, letting it slither around her naked upper half… We’re not sure, but this doesn’t appear to be the first time Ms. O’Connor has handled a reptile.

You might be thinking, who is this? Well, with nearly half a million followers on Instagram, people definitely enjoy getting an eyeful of Caitlin.

In fact, this is the first time some of her fans are probably jealous of a snake. What can we say? We heard that sometimes modeling shoots can be pretty cold blooded.


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