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Video Discription: In this video, Aiman, along with his brother Hizami, show us their dad's drip irrigation system for their mom's backyard garden. This effective, inexpensive and simple irrigation system is built using PVC pipings and energy efficient submersible pumps.

Drip irrigation is a preferable method to watering the plants as opposed to using a sprinkler system. In the middle of hot summer, water from sprinkler system could cook the leaves of vegetable and damage the plants. Also, bugs might be attracted to wet leaves and may eat or destroy them. On the other hand, drip irrigation avoid these problems by delivering a small quantity of water in longer duration to around the roots of the plants.

The system is design to conserve water and electricity. It was fitted with timer that can be set to deliver water in 15-minute increment however many times a day you desired to reduce labor associated with having to water plants, vegetables, flowers, shrubs or trees. The system is somewhat elaborate and divided into zones or sections such as raised garden beds. Each zone has its own valve to control the flow of water. The PVC pipings are connected but not glued together to enable easy connectivity, removal and maintenance. It is also designed so that the holes can easily be unclogged if the water source contains sediments.

If you are looking to build a simple yet effective irrigation system for your backyard garden, you may want to take a look at this video. .

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