Rob Kardashian Goes Scorched Earth on Baby Mama Blac Chyna

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Video Discription: Rob Kardashian is going scorched Earth on his baby mama, Blac Chyna, on Instagram.

The reality TV star is saying good-riddance to her with a hugely public display by dishing out a ton of dirty details to his 9.4 million followers.

Where do we start? Rob’s accusing Chyna of sleeping around with multiple men, including these rappers. Rob claims this picture was taken in the bed he and Chyna, quote “made his baby” in, under the roof Rob pays for. He claims Chyna slept with at least eight men in the span of a month.

Rob also posted naked pictures of Chyna, exposing the negative results of her alleged weight loss surgery, which again, Rob says he paid $100,000 dollars for.

Rob doesn’t stop there. The reality TV star also claims that Chyna does a variety of hardcore drugs around her kids, and he’s spent millions of dollars on her in jewelry, vehicles, homes and other expenses while she’s just disrespected him in return.

We’re not sure how Chyna will react when she sees this, but we’re guessing this gets way more ugly in a big hurry.


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