Conor McGregor Walks Through Beverly Hills Without a Shirt

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Video Discription: Leave it to Conor McGregor to walk through Beverly Hills without a shirt.

Maybe he’s just trying to show you he’s cool under pressure, just a day before the biggest press conference of his career.

Mystic Mac was shopping in the 90210 with his entourage… something we’ve definitely seen before, but only this time, he thought he’d show off a little more skin.

McGregor’s in Los Angeles to kick of the press tour for his fight against Floyd Mayweather, and it looks like he’s already spending that 100 million dollars he’s gonna get for fighting the undefeated boxer.

The fight is scheduled for August 26th in Las Vegas and many think it could be the biggest fight in history.

…or, the biggest farce.

Either way, Conor’s gonna stroll through Rodeo Drive without a shirt whether you like it or not.


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