Justin Bieber Pulled Over by Cops in Beverly Hills

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Video Discription: Justin Bieber found himself in front of the police again… only this time, things went according to plan.

The Canadian pop star was reportedly pulled over by LAPD as he drove through Beverly Hills while using his phone behind the wheel – a big no-no in California – and rumor has it he was calm and collected during the incident.

We still don’t know the full details, so there’s no evidence that he was texting, but he reportedly accepted a citation for using his phone while behind the wheel… that should cost him around 162 bucks.

Somehow, we think he’s good for it.

Bieber was rolling around 90201 in his Mercedes G-Wagon, and his encounter with the cops might show that he’s maturing before our very eyes.

He’s remained arrest-free since 2014… a year that saw him taken into custody for drag racing a yellow Lamborghini…failing a field sobriety… and charged with DUI.

So yeah, this little traffic stop in Beverly Hills was no big deal.


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