Boonk - Smartest Rapper Alive? - BOONKGANG

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BY: HertyX
Video Discription: Boonk - Smartest Rapper Alive? BOONK who's real name is John Robert Hill has claimed the title as the official social media stuntman. The South Florida rapper who's been blowing up on the internet lately for his crazy and outrageous stunts has been talked about a lot all over social media these past few weeks. After all these stunts Boonk admits that he performed all these stunts because he's trying to promote his rap career - and he has succeeded. Boonk now has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Is Boonk the smartest rapper alive for capturing the entire internets attention with all these SAVAGE stunts - when in reality, it was all about promoting his music? I talk about all of this in the video.


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