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BY: BeetTV
Video Discription: Sunday, June 22, 2008 Flip Cameras for Everyone, TBWA/Chiat Day's Rob Schwartz In a remarkable reflection of how the creative process of video production is changing the advertising agency world, Rob Schwartz, the top creative officer at TBWA/Chiat Day in Los Angeles, told me he is going to buy Flip cameras for everyone in the art and creative department at his agency's LA office. The office is one of the most creative and influential in the industry. Clients include Visa which will have a huge presence in the summer Olympics. We caught up with Rob at Advertising 2.0 in New York earlier this month. Although he made the statement about the camera as as sort of declaration of the ascendancy of new video tools and doesn't have immediate plans, it's fascinating to see how the creative process of advertising is being transformed. The Flip sells for something under $200 and easily downloads files to a PC or Mac. It's being used by several journalists and power bloggers including Kara Swisher and Dan Farber. Looks like it's headed for Madison Avenue next. -- Andy Plesser


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