Big Poppa Pu..Scott Steiner calls Shawn Michaels a faggot, shits on other Feminine wrestle

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Video Discription: From The Steiner Brothers short stint in ECW around 1995 as Tazs friends. A pre, but very close to Big Poppa Pump-esque form of Scott Steiner has words of .
From the 2/22/1999 WCW Monday Nitro: Big Poppa Pump picks up a freak at the gym, has his hummer stolen, ends up in a tranny bar in san francisco, bullies a .

King of the Vanilla Midgets himself, AJ Styles speaks on fearing and now loving to be around Big Poppa Pump and how Steiner is the last of the REAL heels.
From the 1/18/1999 WCW Monday Nitro: Big Poppa Pump STILL not a fan of the fags OR the trannies, punks that mop humping bum Perry Saturn.


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