Giving Importance to Cultural Genocide Amid Human Genocide

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Video Discription: Giving Importance to Cultural Genocide Amid Human Genocide
World Monuments Fund - Walter Reade Theater
Over the past century, cultural destruction has wrought catastrophic results around the globe, but the war against culture is by no means over—if anything, it's been steadily increasing. The push to protect, salvage, and rebuild has moved in step with the destruction. Legislation and policy have played a role, but heroic individuals have consistently fought back, sometimes risking or losing their lives to protect not just other human beings, but their cultural identity—to save the record of who they are.Based on the acclaimed book by Robert Bevan, The Destruction of Memory includes interviews with UNESCO Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova, representatives of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court, as well as diverse and distinguished international experts. Their voices combine to create a compelling film that seeks to address this complex and urgent issue.A short question-and-answer with filmmakers and experts will follow the 85-minute film.


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