Katy Perry's $25M Deal Causing Drama at 'American Idol'

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Video Discription: We’ll see if Katy Perry’s job as a judge on American Idol pays off, because if not, her $25 million dollar paycheck could be a big mistake for the network.
According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Katy is getting paid far more than her fellow judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, and it’s thrown ABC’s budget for the show out of whack.
Page Six reports, “ABC was originally going to spend no more than $50 million dollars on talent. They had to expand their budget for Lionel.” Still, the legendary singer is reportedly making “peanuts” compared to Katy’s salary.
It’s reported that Katy was thought to be a big get because of her huge social media following and potential ability to attract young viewers, but Lionel and Luke feel slighted by only earning around $7 million.
According to Page Six, “They expected similar deals to Katy, but are, in fact, getting a hell of a lot less… This has become a very expensive show. If ‘Idol’ doesn’t work, it will blow up big time.”
Idol fans better tune in to make it worth it.


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