Barbie buys the biggest Ice Cream in the WORLD from Sophina Ice Cream Bike Moxie Girl

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BY: taco89
Video Discription: In this Video we open the toy Moxie girlz Ice cream Bike which comes with the doll Sophina. Sophina goes to Barbie town and finds barbie who is about to get ready to go get ready to go on a date with Ken but Barbie Hears the Ice cream truck and Barbie decides to go get Ice cream but Barbie doesnt get just any ice cream, Barbie gets the BIGGEST ice cream in the WORLD! and Barbie becomes good friends with Sophina. \r
About Moxie Girlz Ice cream Bike: Moxie Girlz™ have ice cream for sale! Come along for a sweet adventure of musical bicycle fun, where ice cream treats stack sky high!\r
Moxie Girlz™ Ice Cream Bike™ comes with an exclusive articulated Sophina™ doll that really pedals when you push the bike. Listen to the sweet sound of music as she pedals, enticing friends to buy a cone with their Moxie Girlz™ paper money included for fun entrepreneurial role play. 10+ pieces, including super cute stackable scoops featuring four fun flavors, and a cherry on top. When youre not building cones sky high, store them in your ice cream freezer. Play with the doll on and off the bike\r
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