Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus Speed Test

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Video Discription: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6s Speed Test\r
In this video ill be doing a speed test comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the iPhone 6s. \r
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The Galaxy S7 Edge comes with a Snapdragon 820 Cpu along with 4Gb of RAM. On the other hand the iPhone 6s comes with Apple A9 processor along with 2 gb of RAM. Now the speeds on these devices is very similar and the main difference is that iOS was built along with the iPhones hardware in mind whereas the Galaxy S7 Edge had to make their hardware compatible with Googles software! Imagine this, If you have a recipe and you give it to a good chef, that chef will be able to make the food in the recipe as good as you did. But the difference is that if you were to make the dish, you would be much quicker at making it because you created the recipe, so you know how to do everything at the top of your head, whereas the other chef will have to read the recipe and see what he has to do. Now just take that comparison and put it toward the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7. The iPhone made the recipe meaning it can make the food quicker than the Galaxy S7 having to receive the recipe from someone else like Google. I Hope that helps people understand some of these results. Both devices are AMAZING!!


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