S. Korean delegation prepares for last joint pop concert with N. Korean counterparts

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Video Discription: Today is the last day of the South Korean art troupe and Taekwondo demonstration team's stay in Pyongyang.
They have completed three out of four scheduled performances... with the final performance set to happen this afternoon.
Our Oh Jung-hee with a round up of the performances.
Four days of harmony and reconciliation between the two Koreas through art and sports... is nearing an end.
South Korean musicians and Taekwondo demonstrators each had two performances planned in Pyongyang -- one by themselves... and one with their North Korean counterparts. They have completed three of these,... leaving one left -- a joint pop concert by South and North Korean art troupes.

Taekwondo performances were held on Sunday and Monday.
33-hundred North Korean citizens watched the Taekwondo shows.
Among the attendees were Choe Hwi, the chairman of the North's National Sports Guidance Committee... and several high-level North Korean sports officials.

In Monday's joint Taekwondo show, both the South and North Korean teams performed for about 30 minutes... and then the two performed together for five minutes.
Such a joint Taekwondo performance in Pyongyang was the first of its kind.
A North Korean spectator told the South Korean press... despite differences in content,... Taekwondo itself is the same for both Koreas.

Seoul's musicians also put up their first pop concert in Pyongyang in over a decade... on Monday.
Titled "Spring is Coming," the show featured eleven South Korean artists... including Cho Yong-pil, Lee Sun-hee, the idol group Red Velvet,... and Seo Hyun of Girls' Generation.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made a surprise visit to the concert with his wife and sister.
He greeted and shook hands with every artist... and showed interest in South Korean pop songs.
He even suggested holding another concert in fall -- this time, in Seoul.
Unlike 13 years ago, Pyongyang citizens also showed that they were enjoying the performance,... clapping and singing along.

"North Korean citizens showed great reactions to our performance. They continued clapping until we left the stage."

As the grand finale, the South Korean art troupe is holding a joint concert with their North Korean counterparts... on Tuesday 3PM North Korea time, 3:30PM South Korea time.
Then, the 190-member South Korean delegation will return to Seoul together early Wednesday morning.
Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.


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